My objects of interest have been used, misused, treated like diamonds, and then discarded without love, filling up the mountains of human trash. My work breathes fresh air into the soul of an old cotton cloth, a jacket once loved now living again. I want to demonstrate in as many ways as possible that we, as humans, cannot go on treating the resources that drape the newest fashions around our bodies as endless. Our Unnatural demands cannot sustain a non-refilling source. Fashion is fleeting magic that leave behind the destructive soul of a momentary trend.”


Sarah Mayer is a German fashion and costume designer, chameleon and virtual nerd. She was born 1990 on the countryside in Germany, surrounded by trees, fresh air and plenty of wildlife which she left behind to join the weird world of fashion. Her journey led to different schools including the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

During this time she got a chance to slip into the world of designer Walter Van Beirendonck from the renowned Antwerp six to absorb a colorful and political inspired way of design. Sarah has since then been working on different projects related to art, fashion and music. One of her main drive is to find sustainable solutions in fashion for the sake of the forest she remembers as a child.